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The Characteristics of People that Commit Business Fraud

Business fraud is one of the most expensive liabilities companies and organisations face. In 2021 alone, the ACCC’s report shows that businesses and consumers lost more than $2 billion to scams. People who commit business fraud range from CEOs to executive and junior employees, making it difficult to identify, detect and implement controls. While most individuals who commit fraud in business are typically experienced employees, anyone in a position with opportunity can defraud a business.

In this article, we have listed four of the most common types of people that commit fraud in business. But first, let’s look at the characteristics of individuals who commit business fraud.

Characteristics of people who commit business fraud

People who defraud companies and organisations usually are:

  • First-time offenders
  • Highly respected and appear trustworthy
  • Work in positions with opportunities for fraud, such as upper management, accounting, sales and operations
  • Highly experienced and have the right credentials

Some fraudsters may collude with others inside and outside the business to obtain money illegally. 

Types of people who commit business fraud

The most common types of people who engage in business fraud include:

1. Business owners

It is common for business owners to commit fraud within the organisation or company for many reasons. For example, they may manipulate financial records to make the company’s worth seem greater than it actually is. They may also paint their losses, liabilities or debt as more minute to attract investors or secure loans. 

Tax evasion is another common type of fraud that business owners commit. Since they want to avoid high tax rates, they downplay their earnings or claim false deductions to pay less tax. Some even submit falsified returns to avoid paying taxes altogether.

2. Employees

Junior, senior and executive employees engage in numerous types of fraud, including payroll fraud, asset misappropriation and vendor fraud. Most employees commit asset misappropriation, which involves deliberately stealing money directly from the business (employer). For example, employees working in accounting may falsify timesheets or issue unauthorized bonuses. They may also create false customer accounts to generate false payments, forge receipts or tamper with checks. 

3. Managers

People in managerial positions tend to commit business fraud since they are in positions of financial trust. They can easily take advantage of this to obtain money, products or services for their own benefit. For example, it is quite common for managers to use company assets for personal activities and interests. They may use a company vehicle for unauthorised personal activities or a business credit card to shop for personal items.

4. Vendors

Most vendors collude with internal employees to defraud the companies and businesses they supply products to. For example, a vendor may bribe an employee to provide them with information about a company’s pricing and budget. They use this information to inflate or manipulate prices to their advantage.

Business fraud is a criminal offence with serious  consequences and may result in criminal prosecution.

Tips for Organizing a Life on the Go

If you’re like most people, you’re always on the go. You rarely have time to sit down and relax, and even when you do, you’re always thinking about what you need to do next. This can be a challenge when it comes to organizing your life. But with a few simple tips, you can make it a little easier to manage.

Invest in helpful tools.


You may want to invest in a good quality shoulder bag to help you stay organized when you’re on the go. A shoulder bag can hold a lot of different items, such as your laptop, tablet, planner, and phone.

It’s also a good idea to keep a few backup items in your bag, such as a charging cable for your phone and headphones. This way, you’ll always be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Implement organizational systems.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to be organized in both your personal and professional lives. This means having a system for keeping track of both your work and your personal tasks, as well as your schedule. The best way to do this is to use a calendar or planner to keep track of your appointments, deadlines, and other important dates.

In addition to using a calendar, it is also important to create a system for organizing your tasks. You can do this by creating lists of tasks that need to be completed, by grouping similar tasks together, or by prioritizing tasks.

Allocate your time.

It is also important to be organized when it comes to your time. This means setting aside time for both work and personal tasks, and not letting any one of them take over your life. It can be helpful to set aside specific times each day for working on specific tasks, and to make sure that you are not working all the time.

Organize your thoughts.


In addition, it is important to be organized in your thinking. This means having a plan for what you want to achieve, and being able to focus on your goals. It can be helpful to break down your goals into smaller steps, and to set deadlines for yourself.

Try using a planner.

One way to do this is to use a planner. This can help you keep track of both your long-term and short-term goals, as well as your daily tasks. You can either use a physical planner or an online one.

If you prefer a physical planner, make sure to find one that’s big enough to fit all of your information. You may also want to invest in a planner that has a lot of different features, such as tabs for different sections, colored pages, and stickers.

If you’d rather use an online planner, there are a number of different options to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and

Whichever planner you choose, make sure to customize it to fit your needs. Add in your schedule, to-do lists, and any other important information. This will help you stay organized and on top of things.

Utilize technology.

Another important thing to keep in mind when organizing your life is to make use of technology. This includes using apps to help you keep track of your schedule and to-do lists, as well as using a laptop or tablet to take notes in meetings or during classes.

Make time for yourself.

Lastly, make sure to take some time for yourself. Even though you’re always on the go, it’s important to find time to relax and recharge. This can be done by taking a walk in nature, reading a book, or taking a yoga class.

By following these tips, you can organize your life and make it a little easier to manage.

How Can Custom Printed Folders Transform Your Business?

You may be wondering how custom printed folders can possibly transform your business. It’s a legitimate question, and one that can be answered with a wealth of information. Let’s start with the basics: custom folders are a great way to make a great first impression. They’re also an excellent way to promote your brand and/or business.

Here are some ways in which custom folders can help you to achieve your business goals:

They help you to make a great first impression.


Almost every business interaction starts with a first impression. If you want to make a good first impression, you need to have an excellent business card, and you need to be able to present your information in a visually appealing way. Custom folders can help you to do both of those things. They’ll help you to stand out from the competition, and they’ll help you to make a great first impression.

They help you to promote your brand.

Custom folders are a great way to promote your brand. When you use custom folders, you’ll be able to include your logo, your contact information, and your website address. That’ll help people to remember who you are, and it’ll help them to find your website. You can give them away as freebies at trade shows and other events, or you can use them as part of a direct mail campaign. Custom folders also make great promotional items for your employees. You can give them to your employees to use as part of their daily work routine. That’ll help to increase brand awareness and it’ll help to create a strong corporate identity.

They help you to stand out from the competition.

There are a lot of different ways to market your business, and custom folders can help you to stand out from the competition. By creating a unique and memorable branding strategy, you can set yourself apart from the rest of the pack and attract more customers. Customized folders are a great way to capture the attention of potential customers. They’re sure to stand out from the crowd, and that’s sure to get you noticed.

They help you to organize your information.


Custom folders can also help you to organize your information. When you have a well-organized presentation, it’ll be easier for people to understand your message. Customized folders can help you to create a professional and polished appearance.

When it comes to custom printing, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide on a design for your folders. This can be anything from a simple logo to a more elaborate design that incorporates text and images. Once you’ve settled on a design, you’ll need to decide on the type of paper you’d like to use. Standard paper is a good option for most folders, but you may also want to consider using a thicker paper stock for a more premium look.

Once you’ve finalized your design and chosen your paper stock, you’ll need to decide on the number of folders you need. This will depend on the size of your order and the type of paper you choose. If you’re ordering a large number of folders, it’s usually best to order them in bulk to save on costs.

Once you’ve placed your order, it will take a few weeks for your folders to be printed and shipped. However, once they arrive, you’ll be able to start using them right away. Custom folders are a great way to promote your business or to help get your message across.

If you’re looking for a high-quality folder that will make a great impression, you should consider investing in a custom printed folder. They’re a great way to stand out from the competition and they’ll help you to create a professional and polished appearance.

How Data Fabric Can Help You Organized and Make Better Use of Your Data

Data fabric is a term used to describe the ability to move data around a company in a way that allows the company to use it in the most effective way possible. One of the biggest benefits of data fabric is that it allows you to access your data from anywhere. This means that you can access your data from any device, any location, and at any time. This gives you the freedom to work with your data however you want, whenever you want. Keep reading to learn the data fabric definition and how it can help you organize your data, and make better use of it.

What is data fabric architecture?


When it comes to data, modern businesses have a lot of it. There is more data than ever, but it comes from more sources. This can make managing and using data a challenge. A data fabric architecture can help you overcome these challenges by providing a way to organize and make better use of your data. Data fabric is a comprehensive and logical structure for organizing and managing data. It provides a uniform way to access, process, and share data across the enterprise.

A data fabric is a distributed system that provides a single view of your data across all its sources. This enables you to easily access and use the data you need when you need it. By consolidating all of your data into a single system, the data fabric helps you avoid the siloed storage systems that can occur when different parts of your business rely on different systems to store their data. This can lead to duplicate or inconsistent information, which can be difficult and time-consuming to resolve.

The distributed nature of the fabric also ensures that your data is always available, no matter what happens with individual nodes or servers in the system. In addition, the fabric’s ability to scale means it can handle large amounts of data without overloading. And because the fabric is self-healing, any node failures or outages will not affect its overall performance or availability.

How can data fabric help you organize your data?

There are several ways that data fabric can help you to organize better and use your data.

A data fabric can help you create a data warehouse, a system that enables organizations to collect, store, and analyze data. Data warehouses store data that is not currently in use but may be needed in the future. This data can be historical data, data from different departments within the company or data from different sources.

Data fabrics can help create a data lake. Data lakes are a relatively new big data storage technology that enables organizations to store and process large amounts of data efficiently and cost-effectively. Data lakes are different from data warehouses in that data warehouses are designed for data analysis and reporting, whereas data lakes are designed for data storage and processing.

In addition, data fabrics can help you create a data pipeline. A data pipeline is a term used in business and informatics to describe a process that moves data from one or more sources into a destination, often a data warehouse or a data lake. The term is often used in big data, where the sources and destination may be a Hadoop cluster.

What are some of the features of data fabric?


Data fabric architecture provides features that make managing large volumes of data more accessible. They allow you to break your data into manageable chunks, making it simpler to store and process. They also include tools that help you easily track changes in your data over time to identify patterns and trends. And finally, they offer ways to visualize your data so you can see it in its entirety and spot correlations that might not be obvious when looking at individual pieces of information.

By using a data fabric, you can combine data from different sources into a single, unified view. This can help you to get a better understanding of your data and to make better decisions based on that data.

How To Choose the Best Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems provide a sense of security and peace of mind for those who are elderly or live alone. They can also provide help in an emergency. If you are worried about your health or safety, a medical alert system may be a good option for you. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the best medical alert system for your needs.

What should I know before choosing a medical alert system?


When looking for a medical alert system, it’s crucial to find one that fits your needs and your budget. According to Forbes Health, 54% of users surveyed spend between $21 and $40 a month on their medical alert system service. Systems usually start at around $20 per month and go up depending on the features you want. Medical alert systems typically last 3-5 years before they need to be replaced, though this varies depending on the type of system. You’ll also want to consider the company’s customer service record and figure out how easy it is to get in touch with someone if there’s an issue.

There are three medical alert systems: home-based, mobile, and wearable. Home-based systems include a base unit that stays in your home and a transmitter that you wear or carry with you. Mobile systems have a base unit in your home and a pendant or wristband that you wear or carry with you. Wearable systems are small and compact and can be worn around your neck, on your wrist, or clipped to your clothing.

Some things to consider when choosing a system include whether you need help getting up and down stairs, whether you need help with bathing or dressing, and whether you live in a rural or urban area. A fall detector can be helpful if you have difficulty getting up after falling. For perilous falls, an alert system offers quick detection and response that could be lifesaving. However, you’ll also want to consider how far away the nearest medical facility is. If the nearest facility is far away, you’ll need a long-range system so it can quickly reach emergency services.

What features should I look for in a medical alert system?


Some users want baseline features that are simple to learn, while others want a robust set of features. If you’re looking for a basic but reliable system, check whether it has fall detection technology, if it includes GPS tracking so family members can locate you if needed, how loud the alarm sounds when activated, and whether it provides medication reminders. Your baseline features should also include two-way communication between you and a medical facility, a low battery alarm, and an ideal range of coverage.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive system, look for features like touchscreen control and customizable alerts, like medication reminders. Some systems offer spouse monitoring and activity level monitoring to help encourage exercise. Other systems provide several devices in one package, so if you’re looking for a pendant, watch, and home hardware, take a look at bundle packages.

How do I set up and use a medical alert system?

Once you’ve chosen the right medical alert system for your needs, setting it up is easy. Most systems come with simple instructions on how to get started. You will need to create an account with the emergency response center and provide personal information like your name, address, and contact information for your doctor and family members who should be contacted in case of an emergency. You will also need to decide on a password so only those who know it can activate your alarm in an emergency. Keep this password safe, and don’t share it with anyone else. Test your system and ensure it works properly as soon as it is set up. Make sure you try all the features to know how they work and what to do if there’s ever an emergency.

A medical alert system provides critical support in the event of an emergency, which can be lifesaving. By taking the time to research and compare different medical alert systems, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible system for your needs.

The Different Types of Body Rubs

A topical body creme is a type of skin cream that is applied to the body to moisturize and nourish the skin while also providing a soothing or pain-relieving effect. They are typically made with a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients and are designed to be absorbed by the skin to provide numerous benefits.

Topical body rubs are a great way to increase blood circulation, promote healing, and relieve pain. They are often used to treat conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, and inflammation. Topical body rubs can also help improve your mood and reduce stress levels. They can be used in combination with a massage or used at home. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of body rubs.

Pain Reliever


Topical body rubs can be used to relieve pain in specific areas of the body. They are typically applied to the skin and massaged into the muscles. Pain relievers can be used to help relieve muscle tension, headaches, and other types of pain. Some pain relievers contain ingredients that help to numb the area, while others contain ingredients that help to increase blood flow to the area.

Some pain-relieving topicals utilize aromatherapy as well. This involves incorporating essential oils into body rub. This can help to relieve pain by relaxing the muscles and decreasing inflammation. Additionally, some pain-relieving body rub contains CBD, which is believed to help with relaxation and pain relief. CBD is believed to help with numerous ailments and inflammation.


Warming massages can be beneficial for people who suffer from muscle aches and pains, as the heat can help to loosen the muscles and reduce inflammation. This type of massage can also be helpful for people who have difficulty sleeping, as the heat can help to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Camphor is a natural product that is extracted from the bark of the camphor tree. The oil is a clear, colorless liquid with a strong, aromatic odor. It is used in a variety of products, including lotions, ointments, and topical body rubs. Camphor is a common ingredient in warming topical body rubs because it is believed to help relieve pain and inflammation. It is also thought to have a warming effect on the skin.



A cooling body rub can be used to relieve muscle pain, tension headaches, and even migraines. It can also be used to cool the body down after a strenuous workout or hot day. The coolness of the gel or cream used in a cooling body rub can help to soothe and relax the body, while the massage can help to loosen tight muscles and relieve pain. Cooling topicals enable massage therapists and others to provide pain relief without the risk of freezing or irritating the affected area.

One ingredient commonly found in cooling topical body rubs is menthol. Cooling menthol is a natural compound that is extracted from various plants, including mint. Menthol has a long history of being used to soothe and cool the skin. It is a natural analgesic, meaning it helps to reduce pain. Menthol also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce swelling. Additionally, menthol has a cooling effect, which can help to refresh and cool the skin.

Overall, topical body rubs are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Many of these topical treatments contain ingredients that can help with numerous problems. Many people use body rubs to help improve circulation, help reduce inflammation and provide relief from pain. There are many different types of topical body rubs available, so it is important to find one that works best for you. Before using any medicated treatment, it is important to speak with your doctor to ensure that it is right for you.

The Bitcoin Scam: Types of bitcoin scams

Many bitcoin users have been on the losing end of scams and other devious tactics. But no need to fear, help is here! Funds Recovery Experts is dedicated to helping victims of online cryptocurrency scams by providing them with the necessary tools and expertise to help them through their struggle with the loss of their funds. 

What is a bitcoin scam? 

A bitcoin scam is a scam that uses bitcoins as a way to steal money from you. They may ask for your personal information, or they might ask you to transfer them bitcoins in order to receive something in return. As you can see, this is an easy way for scammers to get your money.

Avoiding a bitcoin scam begins with being cautious about the information you give out, and making sure that the website or person asking for your personal information is legitimate. For example, if someone asks for your credit card number but doesn’t need it right away, don’t give it to them!

If you think that there’s any chance that what they’re asking of you is a scam, then stop what you’re doing and get help from Funds Recovery Experts today!

How to avoid bitcoin scams?

In order to avoid a bitcoin scam you should be aware of the many different types. Some common scams are fake investment sites, pump and dump schemes, pyramid schemes, and other more traditional frauds. There are also malicious software programs designed to steal your bitcoins. The best way to avoid a bitcoin scam is with education. Funds Recovery Experts can help by providing valuable information about how to avoid being scammed.

Types of bitcoin scams

Bitcoin scamming has become a major problem in the United States and around the world. There are several different types of cryptocurrency scams, but the most prevalent ones are Ponzi schemes and phishing attacks. If you are new to cryptocurrency, be aware that there is no way to reverse a transaction once it is sent out from your wallet, so it is important to be aware of all potential risks when deciding whether or not to invest in any type of cryptocurrency.

Ponzi schemes involve an individual or company paying off existing investors with money made from new investors rather than profit earned through investments or work done.

Prevent yourself from getting scammed on cryptocurrency exchanges

Bitcoin scams are everywhere. And it’s pretty easy to get scammed if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are many different kinds of bitcoin scams, but most are based on the idea that you can get some bitcoins for free and then someone will charge a fee before they send them to you. This is not how the system works at all, so be careful out there!

Way to Recover lost money in bitcoin scam

There are many ways to get your funds back in the event that you become a victim of a bitcoin scam. First, you will want to contact the authorities and report your case. Next, you should file a police report and make sure to keep copies for yourself. There is not much that can be done if you have lost money from a bitcoin scam, but there is one thing you can do- contact Funds Recovery Experts. Funds Recovery Experts offer services for people who have been victims of online fraud like cryptocurrency scams, fake websites, and more. They are an international company with over 20 years in the industry and they have helped over 40 thousand people get their money back from these types of scams.

Tech Digital Groups, Find the Right Software Company

With a plethora of different custom software companies out there, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. A large variety is by no means unpleasant. However, it presents some additional difficulties in choosing the software company for your business. There are many indicators to see how suitable the software provider is for you. Below are some of the qualities to look out for.

All-in-One Software Solution

When looking for business software, it is imperative that you find a software development company that offers all-in-one solutions. This means that their software products can easily work together. This can avoid compatibility problems when integrating or overhauling a completely new system. Also, with all-in-one solutions, you can buy the entire system instead of making multiple payments for each individual system


This could save a lot of money in the long run. Reasonable Price Perhaps the most desirable piece of information about a product is its price. The reason I say the best company is inexpensive, not just cheap, is that custom software can actually be very expensive.

As such, it’s best to research the company’s software and programs to ensure you’re paying the right amount for the right quality. Most software companies will offer quotes or estimates of what the service might cost you. Keep an eye out for their offerings, but also remember that cheap doesn’t mean quality.

Dedicated technical support

The best custom software companies have a team of experts dedicated solely to their products, ready to help with any potential technical difficulties. Therefore, another important quality to look for in this type of business is having a technical support team dedicated to troubleshooting when necessary. This can be a bit tricky to verify as most companies trust themselves.

Includes the required software

While this may seem obvious to some, there is great value in finding a company that provides all the necessary software and programs. Before choosing a software development company, make a list of the features you currently need for your business. Once you have that set,  add any potential features or programs that you think your business might need or benefit from in the future. By filling out this list, you can find the company that can provide most, if not all, of the functionality you need and thinks you will need in the future. By finding the right company with all the software, you can avoid compatibility issues when you need to integrate systems from two different companies.

Other indicators

Another characteristic of a good company is that it uses the software for its own management. After all, why bother buying a product from a supplier you don’t use regularly? Software development companies should also be up to date. state-of-the-art. Indicators include all-in-one solutions, cloud-based software and electronic documentation.


With more and more software development companies being announced, it’s a little harder to find the right one for your business needs. In addition to the above advice, use your own judgment to make the right decision when choosing a software company. Any business can thrive with the right custom software. 

Software Company

Tech Digital Groups is one of the leading international software companies helping other organizations transform into digital businesses. Tech Digital Groups is a company that offers unparalleled services for all your business needs. Agreements to meet your business expectations and core values. 

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